Jury ECM 2017



Domenico Dante

Jury President

Magic author and President of the “Club Magico Italiano” from1989 to 2015. International advisor and consultant around the world. Member of The Magic Circle - London with gold Star and Lifetime Member of the Magic Castle - Hollywood. He has been member of International juries, including FISM, since 1991. Producer of more than 95 international conventions. Honoured with the World Famous Murray Award in Blackpool 2008 and Life Time Achievement Award in 2011. Professor Emeritus Dong Busan College University –Busan S. Korea. Rector of the C.M.I. College, is now Life Honorary President of Club Magico Italiano. Member of the Presidium of FISM since 2000. Since 2012 he is International  President of the  FISM. His wish is “to promote the Art of Magic”.

John Pye

Award Ceremony

John Pye is the current President of FISM Europe and has been on the European Board since April 2007.

He is the Executive Secretary of the British Ring of the IBM and for eight years was the organiser of The British Ring Convention.

He is a Past International President of the IBM.

Gerrit Brengman

Stage - Close Up Jury

After combining magic with a career in marketing (although he started his professional career as a teacher in Africa), he’s now active as a magical adviser.

Starting in 1973 he’s been a judge of numerous magic competitions all over the world, including 8 FISM World Championships and 3 Continental Championships, as well as the yearly McMillan Competition in London (28 times).

He organized magic conventions and shows and contributed to magic magazines in various countries. He emcees in several languages.

A FISM delegate since 1983, he was elected Deputy Secretary General in 2000, later to become International Vice-President, an office he’s still holding.

He’s an honorary member of the “Cercle Belge d’Illusionisme” and of the “Club Magico Italiano”. In 2011 he received a “Life Time achievement Award” at the Blackpool Magicians’ Convention and was presented with the “Murray Award of Merit” in 2012.

Peter Din

Stage - Close Up Jury

Professional artist since 1981, I worked 20 years on cruise ships as a comedian, magician and ventriloquist. Now, I am comedian and stage director and, since 15 years, I presents my children’s shows in a Parisian theater. I wrote two books about toddler's magic, and magic initiation for kids and I presents several lectures on this subject. Former FFAP president and  the current FISM international vice president.

Andrea Baioni

Stage - Close Up Jury

CEO of ab studio, Andrea is an ICT and Digital Marketing Consultant

Member of the Inner Magic Circle, he became a member of the Club Magico Italiano in 1977, Board Member in 2000, Vice President since 2015

FISM Jury member since 2009, in 2011 he was elected as a member of the FISM European Executive Board and Vice President in 2016; in 2014 he joined the FISM Consultancy group for Communication.

Director of the CMI College since 2008, Andrea has written a lot of articles for italian and international magazines and has performed as a magician, comedian, MC and lecturer

Eberhard Riese

Stage  Jury

 Eberhard Riese, born 1951, ist the president of the Magic Circle of Germany and well-known as author of „Foundations“ which is translated in seven languages. In this book he published his experiences in directing magic acts (Topas, Roxanne, Andy Häussler, Franklin, Simon Pierro, Julius Frack, Junge, Junge! and others). He was honoured f. e. with the Creative Fellowship Award oft he Academy of Magical Arts (2006) and the Fred Kaps Award (2016).

Priska Walther

Stage Jury

Vice President of the Magic Circle of Switzerland MRS, FISM Secretary and Secretary of

the European Executive Board. Judging competititions since many years, Member of juries in France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy

Danny Hunt

Stage Jury

Winning the title of British Junior Magical Champion in 1995 launched Danny's professional career. Danny has 'trod the boards' in over 100 of the country’s most beautiful and famous theatres, including the London Palladium. He has also consulted on numerous television and stage productions, including the BBC's Sherlock and Fox TV’s Houdini and Doyle.

Danny is a proud member of the Blackpool Magicians Club, and an Associate Member of the Magic Circle (with Silver Star). Having previously served on the jury for the first FISM European Championships (2011), and the FISM World Championships in Blackpool (2012) Danny is very honoured to be returning to the jury as part of the FISM 2017 European Championships.

May Closa

Stage Jury

May Closa is from Spain, multilingual and with a degree in Education, in Educational Psychology and in Architecture. She has been judging competitions in Spain and other countries in the last years, and she is the President of SEI – Sociedad Española de Ilusionismo, ACAI - Associació Catalana d’Aficionats a l’Il·lusionisme, Associació GENI, and member of FISM Groups: “Language Consultancy Group”. Co-organizer for years of the Claustro de Escena Nit dels Genis, Festival “Nit dels Genis” in Manresa, Festival “Sant Joan Bosco” in Barcelona, Festival Geni d’Or Trophy in Barcelona and is the organizer of the National Magic Convention in Spain 2017. Co-Director of the Spanish Magazine “Ilusionismo” and collaborator for the German Magazine “Magische Welt”.

Christina Nyman

Close Up Jury

Christina Nyman (FISM Europe Board member) is originally from Sweden and resides in Luxembourg. She has a degree in Law. Christina has been judging competitions for several years. Multilingual, she is able to communicate with magic organizations in many countries. She is a founding member and the current President of Magica Club Lëtzebuerg. She has been co-organiser for ten magic conventions and international competitions in Luxembourg. She is the Vice-President of the Swedish Magic Circle and editor of its magazine. She has a keen interest in magic history and is a collector. Christina performs in several languages and writes for magic blogs and publications.

Harry Robson

Close Up Jury

Harry Robson is a past President of Blackpool Magic Club and has served on the Council for the past

Ten years. He is currently the Dealer Officer in Charge at the Annual Blackpool Convention.

Harry is a magician at the top of his profession, winner of some of the most prestigious awards in

Magic he is acclaimed for the variety and humour in his act and widely acknowledged as being one of the best close-up magicians performing today. He is also well known for lecturing in both the UK

And the rest of Europeext...

Sylvia Schuyer

Stage - Close Up Jury

Sylvia Schuyer, who lives in Rotterdam – the Netherlands is an international performer. Sylvia speaks several languages which enables her to perform a patter act in many different countries and to act as interpreter at numerous conventions worldwide.

Then came her change to put over her unique act “Magic Under Water” on German Television doing magic surrounded by little fishes and turtles.

Her experience shows, that magic is a truly versatile form of entertainment. 

She frequently travels the oceans performing on cruise ships, and for many years now, Sylvia is the Ringmaster of the Biggest International Christmas Circus in Holland

Sven Bolliger

Staff Officer

Sven Bolliger is the president of the Magic Circle Switzerland since 10 years. He has organised more than 25 magic conventions and has been a tour manager for a famous swiss musician for 4 years, touring all over the world.

He became member of the FISM jury 2009 in Bejing and was working for several FISM championships as jury member and jury staff officer since then.